Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage Plans, also referred to as Supplemental Medicare, are options plans that can cover healthcare needs, including vision and dental, that Traditional Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) do not.

Compare Healthcare Plans

The agents at Clear Health Solutions can help you learn which plans suit your needs and the copays associated with each one. Medicare Advantage plans are offered through different insurance carriers; not every insurance company will offer the same type of coverage at the same price.

We also work with your budget to find plans with low or no deductibles and learn which Medicare Advantage plans are available in your state or deductible region and your healthcare plan network. Not every state offers the same kinds of coverage. And, for people who may spend time in different states, we can help you find coverage no matter where you are.

Do you need help checking eligibility and cost for Medicare healthcare coverage?

If you are a senior eligible for Medicare Part A and Part B, then you are also eligible to enroll in optional Medicare plans. Some of these plans can cover the costs of long-term care accommodations, durable medical devices to help you with independence and mobility, or your vision and dental needs.

Speak With an Expert Before Enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan

Before you sign up for a Medicare Advantage Plan, exploring all your options is crucial. The experts at Clear Health Solutions help you learn which plans are available in your state and the qualifications you must have to be eligible for enrollment.

Some plans may not cover a preexisting condition unless you had coverage before Medicare; others may not have your preferred doctor, dentist, or optician in-network. If you plan to travel, we can help you keep your coverage in other places you reside so that you’re safe no matter what happens.

We work with people who are on a tight budget and can find different options at the right price point that cover all the preventative care and treatments you need today. We also take the time to understand potential health needs you could have in the future and look for plans that can accommodate you as your needs change.

Finally, your Clear Health Solutions licensed agent can evaluate the right prescription drug coverage plans that reduce your monthly cost for the vital medications you need.

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