Life Insurance Coverage

Explore the affordable plans with the help of a licensed professionals. Are you looking for Whole or Term life insurance, we are ready to help you.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance provides coverage for a certain period of time – the “term” of the plan. If offers several benefits for enrollees:

  • You choose the premium paying period and payment schedule
  • Your payments are consistent for the entire term of the plan
    Receive tax protection
  • Flexible options – convert the term life policy into a whole-life, permanent policy.

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is intended to cover the insured’s entire life, providing benefits for their family no matter when they pass. Some of the benefits Clear Health Solutions can help you offer employees include:

  • Coverage for your entire life
  • Fixed payments that remain the same even as you get older
  • Guaranteed cash dividends or values
  • Accrued dividends
  • Policyholders may borrow against the policy
  • Money accrues in a tax-deferred manner

Which kind of life insurance is best for you?

Funeral and burial expenses can quickly add up, and many of your employees may not have their own coverage, which could leave grieving loved ones in a financial bind. Even offering employer-sponsored coverage just for these expenses can go a long way toward improving your overall benefits package.

The Clear Health Solutions team can help you explore options from different carriers.

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