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Health Insurance Solutions

We can help you get great coverage at a low monthly rate – $0 Healthcare Plans available for eligible enrollees!

Individual and Family Health Insurance

Clear Health Solutions can help you find the right healthcare plan in just three easy steps.

First, we speak with you to understand  your health insurance needs. Based on your household location, we will use our system to filter results and compare plans. You will be presented with all available options with essential benefits and add-on coverage options. Finally, you will choose the plan that better fits your lifestyle and budget.

Group Health Insurance (for employers)

With the group health options available through Clear Health Solutions, you can make the best choices for your company’s size and budget while still delivering top-quality insurance for employees. Often, group health insurance can cost less than that available for individual purchase and even provide greater benefits than a single policy can alone.

There are many advantages for businesses that offer Group Healthcare Plans For Employees.

Do you need help finding affordable health insurance or are you trying to figure out how to enroll for health insurance?

Our team is ready to guide you from the planning, shopping and acquiring a health insurance policy. We will start by learning about your coverage needs and matching these requirements with reliable health insurance carriers. Don’t wait until the enrollment period to begin shopping for more benefits and better prices. Take the first step today!

Understanding Health Insurance Benefits and Cost

An expert can explain the details about coverage and – most importantly, what may not be covered under a specific plan. We also consider your whole-life needs, from braces for children to nursing home care in your Golden Years.

Navigating the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, whether you are an individual or a Benefits Expert for a large corporation, can be tricky. The help of an expert can make the process so much simpler.

Don’t overpay for health insurance or miss enrolling in vital coverage for your family’s needs. The selection of a plan during open enrollment can be difficult – but it doesn’t have to be with the help of an expert who understands your needs and looks out for your interests.

Essential Health Insurance Benefits

Prescription Drug Coverage
Emergency Services
Ambulatory Services
Pregnancy and Newborn Care Services
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Rehab and Habilitative Services
Lab Work
Preventative and Wellness
Pedriatric Care
Did you know that if you do not have health insurance – either through your employer or a policy purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace, you could be subject to a $695 fine deducted from your income taxes?

Even without the tax penalty, do you really want to take the chance that something serious could happen to you – and you don’t have coverage? We help you learn the difference between:

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)
  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans
  • Point of Service (POS) plans

We also help you understand each plan’s “metal levels,” a designation set by the Healthcare Marketplace that indicates various types of coverage.

Additional Healthcare Plan Benefits

Vision Care Insurance

Individual and Family Dental Insurance

Disability Insurance

Income Protection

Cancer Insurance

How ACA Complementary Health Insurance Helps You

Do you qualify for ACA health insurance? Our licensed agents can help you find out today! Enjoy amazing coverage and qualify for healthcare tax benefits!

Clear Health Solutions helps you find the best prices for complementary ACA coverage so that you and your family have no gaps in coverage. Call us today or contact us online to learn about our licensed agents’ services.

Do you need help with the Advanced Premium Tax Credit (APTC)? A licensed agent can provide you to learn if your income qualifies you and how to purchase insurance from a state or federal carrier or the marketplace. We explain how your house insurance and income matter for eligibility and help you learn how to claim this on your taxes. Check eligibility >

Educational and Helpful Articles about Health Insurance

Our team is ready to assist before, during, and after the selection of your new health insurance provider. Continue reading >

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