ACA-Compliant Healthcare Plans

We make it easy. The expert guidance from Clear Health Solutions can help you understand your options under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how ACA complimentary health insurance can help you qualify for healthcare tax benefits and superior healthcare coverage. We will help you find health insurance options for your hospital, vision, prescriptions, and dental needs so you can rest easy knowing that you have the right healthcare plan.

Do you need help finding affordable health insurance or are you trying to figure out how to enroll for health insurance?

Our team is ready to guide you from the planning, shopping and acquiring a health insurance policy. We will start by learning about your coverage needs and matching these requirements with reliable health insurance carriers.

Don’t wait until the enrollment period to begin shopping for more benefits and better prices. Take the first step today!

Individual and Family Health Insurance

We can help you get great coverage at a low monthly rate. Based on your situation, you may be eligible for healthcare plans $0 monthly rates!

Your monthly premium payments can depend on many variables; like your income, household size, and overall lifestyle habits. Understanding the differences between each plan is complicated; nevertheless, you can count on our personalized attention! We will explain the terms of each carrier’s plan.

Group Health Insurance for Employers

Workers want affordable, employer-sponsored health insurance. In fact, the right healthcare plan can help your business attract and retain top talent.  Good insurance coverage, with affordable co-pays and low deductibles, can be worth just as much as a competitive salary, especially for employees supporting a family (his/her dependents).

With the group health options available through Clear Health Solutions, you can make the best choices for your company’s size and budget while still delivering top-quality insurance options for your employees.

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans, also referred to as Supplemental Medicare, are options plans that can cover healthcare needs, including vision and dental, that Traditional Medicare (Medicare Part A and Part B) do not.

Life Insurance

Does your company offer employer-subsidized life insurance for your employees? If not, why not? Explore the affordable plans with the help of a licensed Clear Health Solutions agent today!

Life insurance can give your employees peace of mind, knowing that their family will be cared for when the unthinkable happens. You may choose to pay a portion of life insurance coverage or offer employer-matching benefits up to a certain amount.

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About Us

We make shopping, comparing, and enrolling for a healthcare plan easy, providing personalized service for every stage of your life. Years of experience and up-to-date knowledge of the different insurance carrier, compliance requirements and plans’ benefits means that you get insight that others cannot.

We help you find the best plan from the right carrier. Clear Health Solutions will be by your side each step of the way as your healthcare care needs change. Get in touch with us >

Navigating the Complex World Of Health Insurance Selection and Purchase – We Can Help!

Our team works with you to learn about your health insurance options, compare plans, rates, carriers, and coverage, and find a healthcare solution product that makes sense for you and your family or your business.

An expert can explain the details about coverage and – most importantly, what may not be covered under a specific plan. We also consider your whole-life needs, from braces for children to nursing home care in your Golden Years.

Essential Health Insurance Benefits

Ambulatory Services
Emergency Services
Lab Work
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Pedriatric Care
Pregnancy and Newborn Care Services
Prescription Drug Coverage
Preventative and Wellness
Rehab and Habilitative Services

Check Your Eligibility and Begin Enrollment Today!

The licensed agents at Clear Health Solutions are standing by to help you check eligibility for the ACA-compliant health insurance, compare different plans, and begin the enrollment process!

Contact us today to speak with a qualified healthcare expert. Find your health plan >

Healthcare Plan Open Enrollment

Finding the right plan for your family or selecting the right benefits package for your company is much easier with the advice and guidance of the licensed experts at Clear Health Solutions.

There are open enrollment periods annually, which we make sure to alert you about so that you don’t miss them. The following are some of the personal details that affect your application for an ACA health insurance during open enrollment dates:


Many plans are income-based, so we work with your income to find plans available to you. But, income isn’t the only financial consideration many of our clients have. We also look at plans that fit your actual budget.

Zip Code

The health insurance coverage varies by state and even within different areas of the state. We start with your zip code so that we find plans that are accessible to you where you are. If you split your time between a summer and winter locale, we can find plans for both.


Your age matters – some insurance plans cost different for members of different age brackets. And, people in some age groups may have different health needs than others. We help you find the right plans for your age and look for plans that can continue giving you quality coverage as you age.

Quality of Life

Some life situations can qualify you for ACA coverage outside of the established enrollment period. We go over certain changes in life instances, like an accident, illness, or new diagnosis, that could affect your coverage eligibility.

Educational and Helpful Articles about Health Insurance

Our team is ready to assist before, during, and after the selection of your new health insurance provider. Continue reading >

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